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Concept Sebastian Kloborg

Production CORPUS

Premiere March 8th-9th 2016 -

The Royal Danish Theatre

Copenhagen, Denmark

Curfew is a 24-hour performance concept consisting of an ensemble of artists from all art forms. The ensemble only exists for 24 hours and in that time span they will create a performance uniting all their talents.

The following artitic fields were part of Curfew -

Acting, dance, music, composition, photography, directing, sound design, light design,  playwrighting


Xenia Noetzelmann, Julia Kelz, Viktoria Falck-Schmidt, Katya Nielsen, Gina Jeske, Kate Lewis


Christian Gade Bjerrum, Alexander Stæger, Bryant Steenstra, Mathias Løvgreen Bojesen, Anders Holst, Sune Martin, Kasper Søderlund, Aleksa Okanovic, Jonas Jensen, Hans Jakob Drap Hansen, Thomas Miet

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